Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sungai Kanching

Sorry for the absentees as busy as usual with my thesis and so on. But still I managed to have a day break by going to Sungai Kanching ( Used to be called Temple Park if I am not mistaken . Of course going there with classmates and enjoying our whole day of freedom, dipping in the water and standing on the waterfall is totally enjoyable and it's just too fantastic. However the park have so many freaking monkeys which spy on us when we were changing our clothes after the play and even try being naughty!!!. This is the second time I am going there though and yet I always get hurt during the fun !!! Perhaps it's because of I am not wearing my glasses make me get hurt all over my leg AGAIN T_T. But of course, I still enjoy my whole day there and will come again for sure !!!. I will be back ~~

Some of our nonsensical pictures

Of course there are more but lazy to upload more ~~ Btw will be going Johor to celebrate friends birthday so will be blogging when I get back~~ Adios to everyone and good luck ^^

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