Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad Luck

Today was really not a good day for me as few things happen to me. Firstly when going to class today, I accidentally step on a cow dung. I have no idea how come I did not see something that was so huge in front of my car and straight away kena biggest jackpot!!! Have to wash and clean my pants and shoes before went to class with my mind cursing the don't know which ever cow that poop at there. Secondly when doing presentation, my lecturer wasn't even helpful with our slides and incidentally i spoke " FUCK" and the whole class was staring at me. Luckily the lecturer was adjusting the internet cable and had a barely escape. The third incident is the worst as after my class end, my housemate called me up and asked me to pick him up as he does not have transportation. Being a good guy as usual I gladly picked him up and driving like a maniac back home as my mind was just thinking about my bed bed bed. And all of the sudden there is a road block and I kena issued for not wearing seatbelt which make me so mad. I even counter attacked the policeman by saying so many reason but at last I give in and have to pay RM80 for the nonsense saman, DENG. The last bad thing was when my classmates asked whether want to have dinner at Pizza Hut which I agreed with no hesitation and I thought everything will turn fine. But the service there is totally OMFG and the pizzas we ordered arrived in more than 1 hour. Geng neh? Even the other customers who came in late than us ate finish and leave happily. At first, I still can bear with it as my friends were cracking jokes and so on, but when I asked for cheese flakes which the person in charge don't bother to reply I bursted and starting scolding LOL. I even scolded them saying I am not going to pay the service charge which cost RM10 + ( it's money also ) but in the end, have to pay also haha. Such a shitty day for me don't ya think so?


  1. yes!! it is indeed SHITty!! hahaha

  2. There are ups and downs in our life...if no down, how do you feel the joyful of ups? Have a nice weekend....

  3. LOL this is too over liao haha, but still can manage ~~