Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is my third LDR and even though I seems fine with it but I miss my dear so much ~~ Who won't miss their beloved ones and separated not for few days or weeks, but months? I had been trying my best not to miss him dearly as it would affect my studies but i failed ><. My friends are happy and glad for me as I found someone who I dearly cared and love but they keep asking me why I always have a LDR and keep making me wonder why too. So this is the plan that I been thinking; Will go over his place again on September during his Hari Raya holiday break. He has 2 weeks holiday but I have only few days holiday ( LOL so unfair ) but I will finish up my assignments and this will give me a peace of mind when being with him. Of course getting him a present would be nice but it's so hard to choose a present for a guy ( my opinion ) .

Right now, my uni is in a total hell and mess which makes me just wanna finish up my studies asap but guess everything has it's flow isn't it ? Going to get my thesis title this Thursday and start researching ~~. Bye for now, onlining using the worst ever siput connection at uni make the day worse.

P.S : Dear, wait for me during September holiday break, want come over and spend holiday time with you ~~ love U~~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Open, Reopen

Ah, at last my holiday is ending tomorrow!! I got so much of mixed feeling right now and kinda a bit stress~~ I have my thesis to do for the coming semester and with the sudden transferring to the isolated area, wonder will I get a good result again or not . And the timetable changes totally beyond my expectation which my finals will be in October and not December. This is gonna be hard to maintain my increasing CGPA and surely will be stressful. But nvm, i will get through it with my wits and guts( LOL) and of course with my ever supporting dear beside me , i can make it ~~!!! . After tomorrow I won't be online for a few days to settle down my things there. Good luck to everyone and myself ~~~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holiday Is Ending

My heart is full with sadness now ( Haha joking ). Actually I can't really find the best word to describe my feeling. I feel happy that Uni is reopen and my student life is back but deep down too i am afraid. Afraid of being at the new environment and staying at my bro's rental house. Well our Uni secretly and silently transfer my faculty to the main campus which is at Batang Berjuntai ( 1 hour 30mins ++ from KL) which is a total kampung place and it's so isolated. Everywhere at the area have cows, monkeys and much more that you won't even find at the city LOL.

Well I don''t really bother about the area as the Chinese population is much more than Shah Alam but the least thing I don't really like is staying with my bro. I can't really imagining living with my bro in a same rental house and there would be some other housemates that I totally have no idea who they are. Besides it would be like total no privacy for me to communicate with my dear and my bro will surely make a big trouble out of it. There is a guy in the house who is a gay too but out of all sudden, he told me not to talk to him anymore which I have no clue at all and this time staying with them would be total awkward. I don't really know how to describe my feelings right now, just hope everything goes well by then.

P.S, Miss my dear so much, no words can describe how much I miss You~ Love You ~

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tired But Fun

Well this is the time to earn some money isn't it and I went back to my last job cafe and ask for a part time job which is tiring but enjoyable too. Besides that I have to look after the house as no one is around and the dumplingsssssssss !!. The festival is coming and mostly Chinese families are having dumplings including mine. But the best part is I made them !!!! At first I thought it's an easy task to do but to warp it all around is hard. I always crush the rice when it reaches the last step of warping ( Huhu i so noob ~~ ). Anyhow i manage to make some dumplings ( Danny's Version ) and going to feed my family with it ohohoho. Of course I wish my beloved dear can have a taste too but I guess it's ok for now. Will feed him like pig when we stay together >< . That's all for now~~

Adios~~ Ciao