Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Dumped

Oh no no, of course it doesn't happen to me but happen to my sister for NO REASON. Do you ever get dumped for no reason or the reason seems to be the lamest thing ever? This is exactly what happen to her last week. She went over his place to give him surprise but then she came back home with tears and telling me the ex bf broke up with her for no specific reason. WTF this suppose to mean? She came home crying and there is no reason for the break up? As her little bro of course I have to console her as she is my only sister and we are very close. So I listen to her story and then this is what I came up with; The guy has NO BALLS and he is using my sister as a backup to climb back up to get back his life. Seriously what kind of guy will ever as a girl or the partner to pay for his stuff that he bought? He lost his job and my sister supported him in every way including financially and my sister even ask me to borrow her some to help him. He is broke but still can buy a car and my sister became the mangsa to pay everything. What kind of guy exactly this person can be? He is so bloody mean and after using and stealing everything from my sister, he just smile and broke up. I damn hate this kind of guy and seriously MR ****** if I ever see you walking at the street, be prepared to be hospitalized!!! Curse you forever ~!! For now just have to help my sister to get back up to her normal life where she love herself first and anything else that is much more important than that asshole. ~~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sitting Face To Face or Next To

This happen to me when was having dinner with my dear at a nearby restaurant nearby our place. The restaurant was kinda silent as its' operating during the days and there were only a few people in there. And sitting far away from us was a couple who was waiting for their food to be served. Nothing much you would expect from this normal daily situation except when one of them started to talk loudly and commented about the food taste in Chinese. Well the workers who are not Chinese probably wouldn't even understand a single word the couple was talking but still manners apply outside right? They were commenting the food terribly which my dear and I feel just nice and healthy and they been making a ruckus about it. They demand this and that from the workers(have no idea what they ask) to make their food tastier and the fantastic part was they were sitting face to face but the distance was like one table to another table. Weird right? How would you want to have a nice and peaceful conversation if both of you sitting that far, that is so lame ><. I mean everyone has their own way of sitting even though , so it's depend on individual about their own comfort and pleasure. For me if the table is square, I will surely sit next to him (left or right will do) and wouldn't be sitting face to face with him. Reason? I can monitor and cuci mata with him together in case any leng chai come through LOL. Well I mean the conversation between each other is much easier to deliver rather than sitting face to face as at least I can hold his hand closely and sitting closely can be fun (if you know what I mean). Besides secrets too can be talk more private and wouldn't have to talk aloud as both will be sitting far face to face (get what I mean?:P). Sitting face to face will only apply to me when having meal on a round table such as when having big event like wedding occasion, elderly birthdays or family reunions. Of course I don't mean when sitting with family, because you will be sitting anywhere you like so probably this rules doesn't apply. So how do you guys sit and enjoy meals together? Any more position that I don't know?

P.S : Hate those kind of couples anyway, totally uncivilized and like baboon. ~~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trust and Forgiveness

I have no idea why i love to post this kind of things lately (something must be wrong with me somewhere:P) . However I would still love to write about this matter which would be the biggest foundation for gay relationship, don't you think so?

As we know trust is the most important thing that help us to keep up a good relation not just with our loves one but everywhere we go; work, family and etc. Trust is the endearing faith and confidence that your partner will respect and he will show you his feeling of sincerity and genuine. But still we know trust is hard to develop as it is the hallmark for successful relationship and it can cause severe damage if not taken properly and can destroy everything in an instance. Like it take ages to build and maintain a good reputation but it only take seconds to destroy everything that was build.

So for those who would love to rebuild or have a better trust in the relationship, I think the tips are kinda useful ( quoted from somewhere )

1: Get a good handle on any projections that might be being triggered from the past; your boyfriend is not your ex or your father who may have hurt you before. Focus on the here-and-now and deal directly with this current reality and not those distractions that you’ll still need to grieve and complete.

2: You and your partner will need to communicate and listen to each other; make sure you know how to do this well and enlist the help of a trained therapist if needed. Difficult discussions abound and you each will need to be able to express and understand each other’s perspectives. You will also need to acknowledge and validate each other’s experiences of the problem and reach an understanding of how and why this happened, staying focused on the issue-at-hand.

3: You will each need to take responsibility for the roles you played in the indiscretion and be open to apologizing and forgiving each other.

4: In your problem-solving, you will need to create a new “relationship contract”, agreeing to behavior that’s fair vs. unjust and ensuring you each share these same definitions. Identify any unrealistic expectations to avoid any set-ups for sabotage. I personally think this works for some couples and it act like a legal papers ~~

5: Create a healing climate in your relationship. There is no room for competition, jealousy, blame, or defensiveness any more. Introduce more tenderness and attentiveness to each other’s needs. Demonstrate to each other consistently that you are each priorities to one another and remember that you get back what you put into your relationship (The Law of Attraction).

6: Learn to “let go” of any bitterness to allow each of you the opportunity to grow and change. Take an inventory of the positive memories, behaviors, interactions, and characteristics of your partner to keep you balanced and hopeful.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Relationship Success

We as gay men always struggled through and endure much pain than anything else but yet able to find a true love is always be rewarding. But of course the hardest part in my opinion is to keep going on the relationship and have a successful intimate relationship as there wouldn't be a manual guide for us the show us the path isn't it? I read this article and would love to share with everyone so that you guys can have a nice successful partnership.

1 : Avoid placing emotional needs to your partner.
This should be our own individual self problem and development and shouldn't be taken out on to your partner.

2 : Never expect your partner to know your needs even though been together for a long time.
I think this is true as no matter how close or how well we know each other, we still can't read minds and thus we can't really know what he is thinking actually. So it would be wise to have a direct conversation and get what you need. It's advisable not to do mind guessing.

3 : Keep on having a 'check up' with your partner to reexamine the relationship and how satisfied are both of you. This can keep the communication open and renew the quality of the relationship. I think this is the part where everyone love to do.

4 : Avoid letting disagreement turn into an ugly verbal battle where everything bad things would be said that can cost the relationship. Of course no one's want to argue isn't it? So you and your partner should take time to sit down and discuss properly before any of you get hurts deeply.

5 : You can try to protect your relationship by bringing it to a higher level by legally getting some stuff done such as wills, or power of attorney as the plannings would be good enough to keep strong and prove the place in the relationship.

6 : Do not EVER let busyness take away of relationship. This is another main factor that always happen to couples as they can't spend time for each other. You and your partner should find some time adjusting balance between work, friends and family so that both of you can have a nice and peaceful quiet couple night. Perhaps having a Date Night every week if possible would be wonderful as we can see the commitment shown in you and your partner. Just remember the Date Night is the night where you both spend quality time together, not discussing anything related to problems and issues.

Actually there are more tips that can be taken into consideration but I guess this would be sufficient for now as these are the main things that if once a couple can overcome this problems, their relationship would be wonderful and will be living happily ever after. Who wouldn't want that kind of life? ~~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prostate Orgasm

Prostate orgasm is the term used for massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation and also usually used for SEXUAL PLEASURES as it's intensify the orgasm in masturbating or with your partner.

To achieve the stimulation, prostate orgasm can be performed alone, by a professional, or with a partner (of course with partner right?).The most common and most effective way to perform prostate stimulation is through the anus. Traditionally, when a partner or spouse helped with the prostate orgasm stimulation, they used their finger.They would insert the finger into the anus and massage the prostate gland gently(better clean your butt butt first ya ). The prostate orgasm is achieved by massaging and squeezing the prostate gland in a downward motion. During a prostate orgasm, semen flows out rather than being squirted out (as in a regular ejaculation, perhaps you cant even feel the flow, just that it gives the best stimulation ever ).The problem with fingers is that they are usually about and inch or two too short to do the job well (guess your partner really have to locate it unless he has a long fingers to do so). It feels good, but, a finger doesn't usually reach to the top of the prostate gland and don't do an efficient job of milking the prostate gland (releasing the fluid).

Besides how many of us did prostate orgasms during sex and get totally stimulated from that? I experienced it before and it totally blew off your mind!! Just say by doing this can gives the best stimulation and you will shoot a volley of arrows and as far as throwing lancers seriously. So try this at home and enjoy the very best of it ~~