Monday, August 9, 2010

Caught Red Handed

I been caught red handed by my dad!!! It all happen when I just finished my class and my dad called me telling me I received some package from some place and asked me what was that but of course I wouldn't know.

Dad : Eh, today the postman delivered a package for you. You know what's the package is about?
Me : Of course I don't know a. What package is that? Who send it?
Dad : Wait I opened and let you know. (After a while he said ). It wrote from **************** and what is this??!! You bought gay cd's?
Me : Ah ( Kantoi already ), well it's a long time book and I have no idea they send it now.
Dad : Oh, so what you going to do with it? You going throw away or you want me to keep it and pass it back to you next week?
Me : No need, just leave it in the cupboard !!!. Besides, mummy know or not about the cd?
Dad : Of course not. She will break it and will get mad if saw that cd. You next week better come back and hide it. And you owe me ok son?
Me : Yes, dad ( He is going to ask me do stuff for him liao, sob )

But still lucky my mum did not saw the cd, if not I surely going to have hours of lectures from her again. Haha dad, I love you ~~ Same to you mummy even though you hate me being a gay ><.


  1. hahahahah!! your dad is cool la omgg!! love him!!

  2. lol, he is like tat 1. haha i also duno y he so cool

  3. Kana tangkap basah...omg! But surprise to see your dad's reaction, pretty cool with openness!

  4. haha yeah , he is coolest dad ever~~

  5. can i like have your dad? err that sounded wrong. hahahahah

    cool dad. =)

  6. Haha.Agree with Mr.D! Very cool dad indeed!