Saturday, August 7, 2010


I seriously have nothing to say on this matter actually. This always happen when I am with my classmates who are Malays and Indians. Being the only Chinese guy in the class and the whole batch of the year, everyone would stare at us in one funny way and it's actually kinda disturbing. For example, yesterday my friends and I went to Times Square to buy some clothes for an upcoming event and wasted nearly RM300+ ( not including pants and shoe as haven't bought them yet ) and all of the people who serve us will STARE and SCAN us especially me from head to toe. I remember accompanying my friend to ROMP as she want to buy some clothes and the guy and the cashier are staring at me while serving us and as we are speaking English, they had to use the same language to communicate with us too but they failed literally LOL. I mean their accent totally run and their tongue just couldn't twist like us ( sombong liao ). And when I helped her to pay her clothes, they were like staring and the other customers mainly Chinese were like gossiping about me ( I understand Chinese ok ~!! ) which make me glared at them huhu. Then when we went to Tesco to get daily stuff, I accidentally spoke pork with my Malay friends and they were playing along with me too. But then there was an elderly couple behind us heard what they and I said and the female couple was staring at us blinking her eyes non stop ( of course I become the victim of their scanning, again ). The whole day and time everyone was staring and looking at me and them. Sometimes we really wonder what is the main reason they stare in that kind of manner. It's disturbing after some time ~~ but still got to adjust to this. Haha just don't know how long it will take to end its ~~


  1. youre hot!! thats why people look at you.. they are jealous!!

  2. oh LOL, i am a? I never though i am haha, anyway tq but really funny when people staring at you as if you did something wrong ~