Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day

I have the most beautiful day of my life if you are in my shoes ~~. My semester break was last Friday and I was supposed to go to Johor as planned. However due to certain circumstances, I end up going back and cleaning my room. And of course, it's kinda like a blessing to me as I can meet my dear on Friday itself, not Monday!!. So I was eager as usual just like a little kid waiting for lollipop for him to come over and pick me up as he want to learn how to come to my place. Then, went over his place and settle down and went out to have dinner as usual. For the past few days, we been out watching movies as he accompany me to catch up all of the movies that I haven't watch, finding foods like rats ( basically it's me) and then back home cuddling. Then he bring me to gym as he is a very healthy person and of course I accompany him to do too. First time experience something new is so nice and probably will be making 1 membership so that can gym with him too haha ( want to lose weight o, fat liao . The best day of course will be 16 August which mark our offical date as it's the 7 day of the 7 month in Chinese Calender which is the Chinese Valentine Day and we went up to Little Genting ( i think mostly everyone knows where ) and we had dinner and a Black Forest cake and we propose ( shy le, hahah ). Of course when we went back, we ahem ahem and it's just so nice LOL.

Anyhow , I come back home today as my dad wants to meet me to discuss something ( actually he is angry as I am not at home ) and have to part with him. But will be meeting him on Sat to catch up the last unseen movie with him and his friends and then have to back to Uni liao. It doesn't matter as we make full use of our time enjoying ourselves and I promise to be the best and special for you ya dear!!! Love You and XOXO ~~


  1. I don't need any sugar for my Americano after reading sweet!