Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year With A New Life

Yeah, it is as how the title says so. I am in a relationship with an older guy for my first time and this is the time that I really feel so right. Nothing is wrong with him and me as both of us wanting the same thing. I remember the first pick up line from him " Do you want some booze? " and I said " No " as I don't drink, haha and from that time we clicked and hang out and here we are in a very damn well good relationship. I don't think we are fast as when things are so right that everything is hinting on you to go on, there is no absolute reason to say no, unless your are a dum dum (LOL). I mean how often do you find someone that kind, good, understanding, and most importantly wants the same thing as you? This time I really do have to thank the Goddess of Love or everyone who unintentionally introduce him to me~~ Anyway I am glad everything is working out for both of us and wishes the best for us and any new couples out there. Happy new year with your new ones ~~

PS: Will be going to Bangkok with him in 2 days time, can't wait ~~