Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walk, Walk, Walk

Last weekend I went to Pavillion with my sister to buy present for her husband upcoming birthday and we drove there and parked at Lot 10. So as we had to walked towards Pavillion, we had to cross the traffic lights and joined the crowd which I hated so much. Anyhow this story is about how people or rather sales people, can change their attitude so fast. My sister was carrying her Burberry bag and my dressing was a bit classy that day too ( going to gay place ma) and the first stop we made was Coach. We wasn't attended and no sales man or women bother us and my sister fed up and change shop. Then we went to Gucci and found 1 beautiful wallet but decided to continue survey for any nice wallets around there. As usual sales people in Gucci also don't bother and just do their own thing. We proceed to Burberry and the treatment was same and my sister don't want to give a damm anymore and just say 'Choose one wallet and go Sephora later'. So we went back Gucci for second time and Burberry as well to choose between these 2 outlets and at last, welcome Burberry~~ So then, this is the best part. My sister decided to go in Parkson to buy wrapping paper and while walking, I noticed people were staring at my sister handbag and the newly bought small bag in her other hand too. All the sales girls were like going insane, approaching my sister like bugs and pestering her to try out makeup and stuff but she just don't give a damm. Before we moved to Sephora, we went again to Gucci and Coach, and this time the treatment was different. I saw from far they scanned us and opened the door for us, welcoming us, treating us and giving the hopeful look that my sister would buy something from them ( who called her to have Burberry's item on her; dai sei ~~). The treatment was totally different and it's as if we are king and queens where only the rich being treated like royalties while the poor ones, you die your problem LOL. Well we don't bother much as we already foresee this and deep down, I feel humans really can be hypocrite. I know they are doing so in order to get their job done so on, but shouldn't the sales people treat everyone fairly? So mean to treat people just by their status and I think it's really so bad. Anyway we end our day by spending at Sephora nearly RM1k lol

P.S : Got 1 gay couple buying Gucci wallet too when we were there.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Self Delusional Or?

I am not hot, not buff, not loaded, dress up like no dress up also got people want see? I not self praising or hiao, it's just that this week had gotten me thinking about new possibilities. Ok, here is the story, last week I went to Leisure Mall with my senior and the first stranger person we bumped into was a cute good looking guy, wearing formal clothes (probably just finish work) chatting on his hp. However the best part was even though the guy was chatting, he was LITERALLY checking me out, SCANNING me from head to toe (Creepy leh ~~) and when we walked past each other, I noticed he turned around 1 more time to look at me before I was out of his sight ( I not want to perasan a ). Then both me and my senior went to Starbucks to enjoy a peaceful day and there he was, with his laptop and his friend. I purposely take the table behind him and his back was facing me, so I am enjoying the view even though from the back only ~~ His friend however, been checking me out too and I think reporting don't know whatever info he can get just by looking at me to the cute guy. Then the cute guy stood up and wanted to leave but he WAS LITERALLY Checking me out and smilling sheepishly to me and I smile back too (courtesy mah). The cute guy was like look, stare, look, stare, SMILE LOL. Even my senior ask me to control myself as I wanted to go and ask the cute guy for his number. Too bad I don't have the courage to do so.

Today, the same thing happen to me again. I went to Jaya Jusco with my bro, accompany him to buy some formal clothes and when I get down from the escalator, there was a cute guy wearing a YELLOW T-SHIRT and keep checking me out. At first I don't bother and went to the desire section and after walking 1 whole round, the yellow guy ( not DIGI a) appeared from nowhere and walked near me and checked me out again. The creepy thing he did was trying to smell me? I heard his breathing as he passed by me ( i know when people smells something ><), maybe want to check out whether I smell like longkang or angel which I don't know. The guy was there whole time and making circles to look at me for whatever reason and after my brother and I was done, we went up to go to our car. He went down however, but gave me the longing look of like "Can I know You?"

Well these thing never happen to me before and suddenly less than a week, I had these incidents. I am not self delusional again ~~ But why check and scan me LOL. I am absolutely clean ><