Monday, August 30, 2010

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Sorry for the late post again. As usual no connectivity is a total problem for updating blog or even read on the other bloggers. However I promise that I will write out some of my personal experiences and have it won't bored you guys out. The first would be when I am still in my high school; VI ( Victoria Institution ) and it happen during Hungry Ghost Festival of course. VI is famous with it eerie and creepy stories but not till when I experienced it on hand. I was the Red Crescent Society and we would have events during the night time all the time. There is that one particular time, my group and I went over to the foyer to patrol and we heard noises nearby the swimming pool and we headed over there to check it out of course. Upon arriving at the pool, we smell a stench of foul stinky smell like someone or something is dead and the pool is turning color!! ( This is based on true story not play play a ). At first we thought that someone or the guard is playing a fool with the water supply or whatsoever but who the heck will do that late in the midnight? And that is when the best part come, a SKELETON came out from middle of the pool from the water flying out just like that!! I can seriously tell you that we all were screaming like ladies and running with tails under our leg. Of course when we told that to the seniors and they went back checking it's nothing. So we get laughed and teased by them until the next week, the authority found a skeleton buried under the swimming pool. ( If you had read few years back newspaper or even had VI newsletter page, it's true ). That is when our senior was like ' OMG YOU GUYS REALLY SAW THAT THING'!! and we was like giving them the sarcastic look. It was then said that the Japanese had mass killing during the WW2 and buried them all over the school which is also so freaking true. VI is like the breeding of ghost; literally ~~

The second incident was a bit unbelieveable as it involves with the goddess. Actually the story is like this; my mum adopted a young boy to be our step brother and he was only 11 when he was diagnosed with leukemia and it's on the last stage. However he wasn't afraid of the death and devoted himself into Buddhism and pray frequently. My mum who is a religious freak ( sorry mum LOL ) been praying for him since then and hope he will be safe when he passed away. And the time when he passed away, something strange happen. ( This is also true story, up to you guys to believe or not ) My little step brother use to have a stench and funny kind of smell as he is sick and the smell wasn't that good either. However the time he passed away everything changed after we chanted for 8 hours. We all saw Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and the other god which name I don't know till now coming to him with an empty lotus flower beside them. And we saw him riding the lotus flower, smilling happily and waving goodbye and gone just like that. After that his body smell so nice just like perfume and the smell is so freaking nice LOL. It's so speechless seeing things like that just happen before your eyes and it makes you to believe in every possibilities. So, did you guys ever encounter anything like that before?

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