Monday, July 5, 2010

Second Week

This is my second week at my new campus and I feel so dehydrated over here. The weather is so freaking hot and unbearable which make Chinese people like me will get skin burn or skin sensitive or whatsoever LOL. I once had my skin burn during my National Service and it's totally hurts and you can feel the heat burns just as your finger touches the skin due to the sensitiveness that mostly Chinese people had, I guess. The skin will get so dry and the whole part will show signs of reddish and really irritating haha. Not even the sunblock with SPF 50 can block it ~~ I am getting darker day by day which make my fairness gone !! ~~ Besides, the internet connection at my uni is like snail or worst, make me can't even find research for my thesis title ( sob ). Btw my dear uni also reopen today and both of us are busy preparing stuff which make us hardly chat through online nowadays. Guess everyday we have to sms and call to fill up the emptiness inside of us haha. That's all for now, gtg to take my dinner and start finding journals for thesis. All the best to everyone out there ~~

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