Friday, July 9, 2010

Organ Donor

This is what I had on my mind when playing with my beloved Snow~~ ( my dog ). The idea just come spontaneously and I told my mum like this :

Me : Mum, if next time I die hor, I wanna be organ donor ~~

Mum: * Drop the plate for a moment * " Har? You serious? "

Me : " Ya, why not, nothing wrong what, some more can save people life mah "

Mum : " Eh don't la, you know or when after we die this will happen ...................... ( my mum starts talking about the Buddhism stuff about after life to me as she is very religous )

Me : " I don't care, die mah die lo, if can help people then I will do so. Take me register next week when I back from Uni "

Mum : * Speechless*

Muahaha I win my mum in this matter. Actually it's not a bad idea right? There are so many people who are in need for organs and I just doing what I can do to ease their pain and suffering. Even Snow agree with me by wagging his tail and snuggle into me~~ !!!


  1. Good support!

  2. Yeah yeah, hehe you can consider to be one too ~~