Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Busy

Yeah, sorry for the not posting anything as I have been super duper busy with my thesis. Real world company collaboration with my uni, sure I have to do my best isn;t it? Besides my supervisor even chooses me to undergo MQA accreditation, which make me more headache haha.
Yesterday I even hang out with my high school senior and the first thing she asked me was ' What happen to you? Why do you become like this? It's such a waste !!!'. Of course at first I wouldn't know what she mean but when I turned and say my sister giving her evil smile, I knew she told my senior !!. Well it wasn't really a big stuff but I was given lectures for few hours and which lead me to think back for real. I know it sound absurd but sometimes I do consider myself in the ' confusion + disappointment' case for being a gay guy. I watched handsome and great guys in awe, admire them and even think * XXX * ( LOL, joking ) with them but those that make me a gay guy? What if my senior is right about the confusion and disappointment? Can I really be back into a normal and straight guy? I am certain no one would want to be a gay person in the first place right? Well, I guess we have to let time do their job again ain't it?

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