Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ah Long

My cousin sister borrowed money from Ah Long !!!!!. Omg how could this happen, I hate Ah Long so much >< . I just got the news today and my parents told us that they got to know it from our relatives from hometown. Well my cousin sister is a very nice person and quite soft however THAT is the cause of downfall. Her bf whom I totally hate so much as he is a drinker, smoker, gambler and don;t know how many more shitness I can dig out from him started everything. It seems that my cousin sister has been supporting him financially even though she herself is not that rich and she can even bear with him when that stupid guy always break her heart. Recently, the bf's parents saw a house and ask the son to buy it for them. And the bf can ASK my cousin sister to buy it for them in his place. When my cousin sister told him that her financial has run dry, he persuaded her to borrow from AH Long!!! What type of human and guy is that? How can he just ask my cousin sister who is his girlfriend to borrow money from Ah Long? Seriously if I ever see this guy on the road, I am gonna bang him with my car and squash him under it. Now my parents and other relatives are thinking on how to take care of the matter as my cousin sister borrow RM 10K and in return, every month she got to pay the Ah Longs RM1.2k per month for a year. This matter really gives us headache by unintentionally LOL. Hope everything goes well for her. I don't want her to lose her life because of one stupid guy. Wish her all the best luck. Support her anyway I can if i could but my parents forbid me to do so as they say it will drag me into the matter too. Sob Sob for her ~~

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