Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Coming Out Experience Again

Surely it would be a trouble and fuss when your family gets to know about your sexuality. In my case, I keep get nagging and pestering from parents especially my mum who always said

Mum :" Why do you want to be a gay? Outside there no more pretty girls? "

Me : " This is me. I am just like this, it's not a matter that if I want to change I could. And besides I am happy with myself and my life right now. "

Mum : Don't you know getting in a relationship with a guy you can have all those disgusting disease like AIDS? Next time when you get old with those disease who is going to help you? "

Me : So you mean if I get together with a girl I won't get AIDS? Besides I am not that stupid to not using protection when having sex."

Mum : " Still I find it totally wrong and songsang. Guys should be with girls , not same sex. "

Me: " *Speechless for a while*. This is my life ma, and I know how hard for you to accept who am I. But what I can say is that currently I am happy with my life and I find no regrets. Just let me be who I am can? "

Mum : " I don't care, I will find you some girls. You are not ugly and in fact good looking, so it wouldn't be a matter to find some. Talk to you next day "

Me : * Totally speechless*

This was my conversation between my mum and me. Whenever both of us are alone, she will bring up the matter and try to adjust me ( her say ) which is so irritating.
On my dad side, he wasn't that conservative and old minded. He just tell me " It's your life and you choose the path, I can't stop you. But don't bring your bf back home" ( My dad is funny haha ).

Well, I know both of them are kinda disappointing as one of their child is a gay, but Dad and Ma, no matter what I still love both of you regardless of everything that happen.


  1. Oh...not many has 'come out' yet and you are brave. Anyway...all parents are the same, they will be disappointed if their son is just need to face it. Keep it up

  2. Hi sky~~ Thx for everything. It was an unpredictable coming out, so i might as well tell them the truth haha ~~

  3. only one of the sons is gay? ok whattt. haha

    it is a hard thing for parents to accept this, so take your time.

    tell you what, my indian parents are so conservative they don't even know what gay is, so your parents are still cool. :)

  4. Mr D : I not sure bout indian religion but many of my indian friends said that the conservative type parents really don't know what is gay. And it's not cool when my mum keep nagging about this matter ><