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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hope So, Hope Not

I have a bad feeling since I get back from Penang after meeting up with my dear. Maybe it's only my intuition or I am thinking too much but I just can't get it out from my head. We chatted like normal but to me it seems something is amiss and there is a barrier that is blocking us from being together. And today he wrote this word to me ' I am PASSIVE' and he feels that I am only watching him from afar. I was so hurt, felt my heart was stabbed as I heard this before and seriously don't want history to repeat. It's not like I am doing nothing the whole time but when I am with him, I just don't know how to react and just want to respect him. Whatever I am doing now is just to be with him in the future but the words kept lingering in my mind and confusing me. I tried my best to make him happy and feel that he is wanted but I am afraid now. I don't want it to be over just like that....

I Love Him...

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