Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday ~~

Wuuu this month surely have so many people who I care are birthday boy/girls. First is my dear dear of course!! Today is his birthday which he is 22 years old ( huhu big enough to do stuff ) and too bad I am not by his side as he gone back to Penang. No matter what I still sincerely wishes him HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR !!! All the best to you not only today but hopefully forever. Hehe next would be one of my dearest classmate Farhana Mat Nasir. Yeah she is 22 this year too ( if I am not mistaken :P ) but also can't celebrate with her as she is in Shah Alam and we all are still in the final exam mood. But surely will repay both of them back hehe. For her of course would a birthday bash would be nice huhu and for my beloved dear; I had something in mind but he wouldn't want me to spend on him ( aww so sweet of him ). Anyhow will come and give your birthday present when I come over Penang ya dear ~~ Love You ,Muacks ~~

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