Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning Ahead

Wuuuu even though still have 3 more papers for finals, but my mind is already full with planning and just can't wait for holiday. Hehe my first priority of course for my beloved dear who will be coming down from Penang. Even though the meeting will be short but can see him satisfy me hehe ~~. Next would be VACATION!! Hell yeah I needed one haha. Never really have one but will do so this coming holiday. Destination not sure yet but for sure I will going to enjoy it to the fullest. Third would be finding a part time job; need to earn money and stop asking from parents haha. I just wan to earn more money to make my dear dear happy and not doing anything that will burden him. Fourth would be ( speechless :P ) haha don't know what else to do during hols ~~ Anyway wish every of my friends who having finals to have the best of luck and (extra wish ) wish my dear can follow me vacation too ^_^

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