Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Day

Haha, not that bad right? Just that I am eager and nervous at the same time to meet my dear. We been chatting everyday and he really treats me so well till I think it's like a fairytale haha. I do believe in fairytale though where everyone deserves their happiness and love. All I can say now that I think I found my soulmate to be with and for sure I am not letting it away. Sunday will be the day I meet him but that is also my grandma's death anniversary which falls on Mother's Day. Just wish I can cheer my mum up as I know deep down she is still hurt and cant really let go. I love u mummy and I wish all the best for you and daddy. No matter what happen, I will never neglect my duty as your son and I promise will give both of you the best life ever in the future. Love you ~~

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