Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Nite Ever

As you all know, I have a date with my dear on yesterday night as he come down from Penang and stay at KL for a day. Well we did not do much planning so we just follow the flow and I guess it turns out well isn't it dear? Hehe I went to find him at Times Square just as I get back from Nilai after giving my respect to my grandma and we watched the IpMan2 movie ( nice movie btw ) untill around 10pm. After that we went back to the guesthouse to have a nice clean shower and we just have a nice cuddle until 12.45am ( YES !! I remember the time ) he said he was hungry and want to have supper. He tried calling his friends but they are asleep so I have to be the waterfish :P Haha it's a joke. So we went to a nearby chinese restaurant and ate till 1.47pm and we went back and continue to cuddle. And that is when he gave me the ring necklace; i LOVE is so much but just that I can't wear it freely for now; hope dear understand ya. Then we continue to sleep till the next morning and because I can't accompany him till 4pm to take him to the bus station I just dropped him at Pavilion. Hope my dear have a safe and nice trip to Genting and safely back to his family too in Penang. Anyway I will just wait for dear to get back and chat with him again. So then adios ~~

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