Monday, June 14, 2010

Tired But Fun

Well this is the time to earn some money isn't it and I went back to my last job cafe and ask for a part time job which is tiring but enjoyable too. Besides that I have to look after the house as no one is around and the dumplingsssssssss !!. The festival is coming and mostly Chinese families are having dumplings including mine. But the best part is I made them !!!! At first I thought it's an easy task to do but to warp it all around is hard. I always crush the rice when it reaches the last step of warping ( Huhu i so noob ~~ ). Anyhow i manage to make some dumplings ( Danny's Version ) and going to feed my family with it ohohoho. Of course I wish my beloved dear can have a taste too but I guess it's ok for now. Will feed him like pig when we stay together >< . That's all for now~~

Adios~~ Ciao

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