Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sitting Face To Face or Next To

This happen to me when was having dinner with my dear at a nearby restaurant nearby our place. The restaurant was kinda silent as its' operating during the days and there were only a few people in there. And sitting far away from us was a couple who was waiting for their food to be served. Nothing much you would expect from this normal daily situation except when one of them started to talk loudly and commented about the food taste in Chinese. Well the workers who are not Chinese probably wouldn't even understand a single word the couple was talking but still manners apply outside right? They were commenting the food terribly which my dear and I feel just nice and healthy and they been making a ruckus about it. They demand this and that from the workers(have no idea what they ask) to make their food tastier and the fantastic part was they were sitting face to face but the distance was like one table to another table. Weird right? How would you want to have a nice and peaceful conversation if both of you sitting that far, that is so lame ><. I mean everyone has their own way of sitting even though , so it's depend on individual about their own comfort and pleasure. For me if the table is square, I will surely sit next to him (left or right will do) and wouldn't be sitting face to face with him. Reason? I can monitor and cuci mata with him together in case any leng chai come through LOL. Well I mean the conversation between each other is much easier to deliver rather than sitting face to face as at least I can hold his hand closely and sitting closely can be fun (if you know what I mean). Besides secrets too can be talk more private and wouldn't have to talk aloud as both will be sitting far face to face (get what I mean?:P). Sitting face to face will only apply to me when having meal on a round table such as when having big event like wedding occasion, elderly birthdays or family reunions. Of course I don't mean when sitting with family, because you will be sitting anywhere you like so probably this rules doesn't apply. So how do you guys sit and enjoy meals together? Any more position that I don't know?

P.S : Hate those kind of couples anyway, totally uncivilized and like baboon. ~~

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