Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Relationship Success

We as gay men always struggled through and endure much pain than anything else but yet able to find a true love is always be rewarding. But of course the hardest part in my opinion is to keep going on the relationship and have a successful intimate relationship as there wouldn't be a manual guide for us the show us the path isn't it? I read this article and would love to share with everyone so that you guys can have a nice successful partnership.

1 : Avoid placing emotional needs to your partner.
This should be our own individual self problem and development and shouldn't be taken out on to your partner.

2 : Never expect your partner to know your needs even though been together for a long time.
I think this is true as no matter how close or how well we know each other, we still can't read minds and thus we can't really know what he is thinking actually. So it would be wise to have a direct conversation and get what you need. It's advisable not to do mind guessing.

3 : Keep on having a 'check up' with your partner to reexamine the relationship and how satisfied are both of you. This can keep the communication open and renew the quality of the relationship. I think this is the part where everyone love to do.

4 : Avoid letting disagreement turn into an ugly verbal battle where everything bad things would be said that can cost the relationship. Of course no one's want to argue isn't it? So you and your partner should take time to sit down and discuss properly before any of you get hurts deeply.

5 : You can try to protect your relationship by bringing it to a higher level by legally getting some stuff done such as wills, or power of attorney as the plannings would be good enough to keep strong and prove the place in the relationship.

6 : Do not EVER let busyness take away of relationship. This is another main factor that always happen to couples as they can't spend time for each other. You and your partner should find some time adjusting balance between work, friends and family so that both of you can have a nice and peaceful quiet couple night. Perhaps having a Date Night every week if possible would be wonderful as we can see the commitment shown in you and your partner. Just remember the Date Night is the night where you both spend quality time together, not discussing anything related to problems and issues.

Actually there are more tips that can be taken into consideration but I guess this would be sufficient for now as these are the main things that if once a couple can overcome this problems, their relationship would be wonderful and will be living happily ever after. Who wouldn't want that kind of life? ~~


  1. I like your idea of a weekly Date Night. :)

  2. yeah me too, going for a nice romantic dinner would be superb

  3. yeah... awesome!! haha.. i just did number 3 yesterday! hahahaha.. it was random but effective :)

  4. my gawd! i never knew you keep a blog until now! even called yourself sky over here! i'm speechless!

  5. anonymous : Do i know you or you know me? You sound so creepy ><