Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Dumped

Oh no no, of course it doesn't happen to me but happen to my sister for NO REASON. Do you ever get dumped for no reason or the reason seems to be the lamest thing ever? This is exactly what happen to her last week. She went over his place to give him surprise but then she came back home with tears and telling me the ex bf broke up with her for no specific reason. WTF this suppose to mean? She came home crying and there is no reason for the break up? As her little bro of course I have to console her as she is my only sister and we are very close. So I listen to her story and then this is what I came up with; The guy has NO BALLS and he is using my sister as a backup to climb back up to get back his life. Seriously what kind of guy will ever as a girl or the partner to pay for his stuff that he bought? He lost his job and my sister supported him in every way including financially and my sister even ask me to borrow her some to help him. He is broke but still can buy a car and my sister became the mangsa to pay everything. What kind of guy exactly this person can be? He is so bloody mean and after using and stealing everything from my sister, he just smile and broke up. I damn hate this kind of guy and seriously MR ****** if I ever see you walking at the street, be prepared to be hospitalized!!! Curse you forever ~!! For now just have to help my sister to get back up to her normal life where she love herself first and anything else that is much more important than that asshole. ~~


  1. Ya, u r right. The most important thg now is to heal ur sister's wound. After she is able to recover, then it is pay back time. But do it on ur own without ur sister involvement. Sometime old flames can be extinguished but not totally gone.

  2. there are plenty of guys like that out there. we name them love parasitical predators .

  3. nyama!! tell me who i'll go bash him with you skali come!!!

  4. whizkid : yeah doing everything i can to help her.

    Mr D : better these kind of ppl rot in hell lol ~

    tuls : jom ~!! Lets run him over with my car ^^. Geram o