Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is my third LDR and even though I seems fine with it but I miss my dear so much ~~ Who won't miss their beloved ones and separated not for few days or weeks, but months? I had been trying my best not to miss him dearly as it would affect my studies but i failed ><. My friends are happy and glad for me as I found someone who I dearly cared and love but they keep asking me why I always have a LDR and keep making me wonder why too. So this is the plan that I been thinking; Will go over his place again on September during his Hari Raya holiday break. He has 2 weeks holiday but I have only few days holiday ( LOL so unfair ) but I will finish up my assignments and this will give me a peace of mind when being with him. Of course getting him a present would be nice but it's so hard to choose a present for a guy ( my opinion ) .

Right now, my uni is in a total hell and mess which makes me just wanna finish up my studies asap but guess everything has it's flow isn't it ? Going to get my thesis title this Thursday and start researching ~~. Bye for now, onlining using the worst ever siput connection at uni make the day worse.

P.S : Dear, wait for me during September holiday break, want come over and spend holiday time with you ~~ love U~~

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  1. Distance makes the heart grown fonder...though 2 mths is long, but the excitement of meeting up after long break is indescribable! Your 3rd LDR? You like LDR, LMAO!