Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holiday Is Ending

My heart is full with sadness now ( Haha joking ). Actually I can't really find the best word to describe my feeling. I feel happy that Uni is reopen and my student life is back but deep down too i am afraid. Afraid of being at the new environment and staying at my bro's rental house. Well our Uni secretly and silently transfer my faculty to the main campus which is at Batang Berjuntai ( 1 hour 30mins ++ from KL) which is a total kampung place and it's so isolated. Everywhere at the area have cows, monkeys and much more that you won't even find at the city LOL.

Well I don''t really bother about the area as the Chinese population is much more than Shah Alam but the least thing I don't really like is staying with my bro. I can't really imagining living with my bro in a same rental house and there would be some other housemates that I totally have no idea who they are. Besides it would be like total no privacy for me to communicate with my dear and my bro will surely make a big trouble out of it. There is a guy in the house who is a gay too but out of all sudden, he told me not to talk to him anymore which I have no clue at all and this time staying with them would be total awkward. I don't really know how to describe my feelings right now, just hope everything goes well by then.

P.S, Miss my dear so much, no words can describe how much I miss You~ Love You ~

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