Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Hard Yet

It's been a week since I am back to my single life and no words can describe my feelings right now. Upset and disappointment still all over me but yet I am glad that my workplace been keeping me busy to keep thinking of nonsense and whatever bullshit that my brain producing. I still keep your photo with me, unwilling to throw it away as it was the last thing I had about you even though all of my buddies call me to get rid of you. Still if I am not belong to you, no way for me to force through it doesn't it? So my single life been good as my friends been busy keeping me busy (LOL) as they worried I might drown into depression mode~~ ( I am not that crazy, my beloved friends) and be the another Joan of Arc statue. I am really fine and keeping going in my life as I believe no matter how hard now it be, the right one always there regardless straight or gay ( I am crapping already). So for now, just work work work and earn a lot of money money money ~~

P.S : Anyone want to go watch Immortals with me? Come come accompany me :D


  1. Should crap more... haha, i can relate completely.. I still use the pencil he gave me because i dont have the heart to throw it away.. Good luck with everything. =D

  2. lol okok ~~ Been going strong everyday ~~ thanks