Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Start

Ok, so first of all i am regret to say that everything is over and a new chapter of my life has begun. Well my relationship ended and lasted for a year plus, longer than I had anticipated but the outcome was much predicted. I won't put the blame on him as both of us had the responsibility of this outcome and of course, I am upset that this relationship had to come to an end. Many sweet and bitter experiences we had shared together yet we had no fate to be ever lasting. Maybe its my fault for being too happy go lucky and not to your liking or can't be who you ever wanted to be. I am sorry that I can't change myself just to please you as I am no longer myself if I ever do that. Maybe I wanted your attention too much that I annoyed you and you hated me for that. But whatever it is, I never stop loving you and be there for you every time you need me. Anyway all of this had over and you had your own new life, so am I. I really wish you all the best in your undertaking in everything, life, love and hopefully, someone better than me can please you in the way you wanted to. For myself, I think a halt had to come in my love life and rethink about soulmate and the perfect one. I been into few relationship but still all come to an end. So the best would be stop dating for now until the one comes by again LOL ~~

And about me, I just started my work at an engineering company working as an engineer which I hated so much~~ I do not had much chances yet in the Science and Biotechnology sector, so got to wait for a little longer until the best opportunity come. Who have any job can intro to me :P? So right now I will just focus on my work, earn money and if love ever cross by, maybe I will reconsider to reopen back my door if he is the one~~ So that all from me for now, as I am still mentally tired in everything I do now.


  1. I know the feeling.. Giving all the attention to your beloved and being labelled as annoying.. but please.. "someone better than me can please you in the way you wanted to.", dont think that way... :( *hugs*

  2. haha thanks lex ~~ but all in past le. Don't want to think that much liao ~~