Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long, Longer, Longest!!

First of all, my apologies for not writing anything on this blog anymore as I am super duper busy and the other main reason is I don't have the urge and necessity to write out my feelings that much as my dear is always there for me, supporting me. But still I guess there are times when you just want to pour out something that been stored in your heart and telling your partner is a No-no. Well basically my thesis was 99% done so I am kinda relaxed for this moment and been spending every time and opportunity with him as when I know that once I am doing my internship, everything will be busy. Seriously writing about internship totally give me a frustrating feeling as until now I haven't got any positive reply. Tried applying for GlaxoSmithKline, Tropicana Medical Centre, Kelana Jaya Medical Centre and a few more companies that either can't get through the number. Geram you know ~~ Anyhow will try applying for Sime Darby now and hope I will get the spot. Oh ya before I forgot, gonna wish every blogger and everyone out there with or without couple a Happy Valentine Day~~ Doesn't matter if you are alone, as long as you love yourself first right? Besides surely you will have your family and friends who love you even though you are alone. So don't be upset or down if ya still haven't have a partner to celebrate with. For those couples out there of course all the best for you all, keep the relationship as long as possible, if forever lagi best kan? Go and have a nice romantic dinner, watch movie or buy roses for him (wonder will I got 1? hehe I love flowers mah), go to seaside or do something unpredictable and extravaganza and lastly sex LOL. I don't know whether the sex part is neccesary but haha up to you all~~ Anyhow glad to be writing back and wish all the best again to everyone out there ~~!!

My most ever love song dedicated to you, dear ~

Happy Valentine's Day Dear ~


  1. Hope to see you back blogging soon. Don't worry about the internship search. It takes a while!

  2. I super love it too. So i think you have exquisite taste. All the best!