Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Or Small?

Yeah, i think everyone loves drama especially malaysian since mostly malaysian are all busybody ~~. Well what i wanted to say is how do you handle an argument in your relationship. This is what always happen to me; my dear and I always be together and when we are not together, things will get rocky. I mean sometimes a minor and small matter which is total unrelated to us can be turned into a huge problem in our relationship (not that we have problem :P) . Usually I am the one thinking nonsense but still not to the limit of breaking up lo as I think if the issue of breaking up is always brought up, then surely there would be a crack which could lead to downfall ~~. However for me, I think that argument is a need in a relationship no matter you are married or still in couple mode as it let both of us to pour out any uneasy thoughts and feeling thus tighten up the relationship later on, don't ya agree? Even my parents still argue , don't know for what but just small disagreement, not till want to punch or UFO's from the kitchen flying around. I guess it's just normal and that is what makes us lively as a human being. No matter how big or small the argument is, the best thing that we should learn is how to forgive each another. How to make up back is depend on each person right; some people will give surprises, others will bring to a night date and apologize, perhaps there are people who will even `sell` their body to the beloved ~~. Anyhow I just wish everyone out there if you are involved in an argument with anyone or your love one, try to be considerate and respect each another and hopefully live happily ever after ~~ Adios ~

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  1. second ur post. =D
    somehow i think we need to fight to improve our relationships. If we r forgiven at the end that is.