Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Chapter

I supposed to be officially not writing on this blog anymore but my hand is so itchy and I can't resist it. Well pardon me for not updating like how I used to do as I was so busy with my internship and after its over , I had to rush with my report and get it finalized with my uni, if not I won't be going for the convo this year ~!!! I am not going to wait another 1 whole year just to get my transcript LOL. So my life been so far good as my wonderful bf had been looking after me so well ( thanks dear:P) and now looking for a good job. Would be probably joining GSK as I got a position and just hope all goes well.
Secondly I helped my dear to move house as he got to study at University of Nottingham and he rented a house there all by himself (even though he scared to be alone ) but lucky he bought a puppy which is already 3 months old by now. We named him Lucas (actually I proposed the name and he questioned me why must it be Lucas as he suspected my scandal name to be Lucas, I DO NOT HAVE a scandal ok !!!~~) and he is so freaking naughty. He is a Border Collie and you all know how energetic one can be. We can't get a good night sleep nearly like 2 weeks in a row just for him to adapt with us and he wants to play with us every second. Waaa i tell you, if I am allowed to pull his ears I sure do LOL. He will rest and sleep like 10 mins and energetic the whole night. How the hell we are suppose to have our night? But still we love him so much as he brings in the spark into our boring life (did I just say boring? LOL!! He is so going to kill me ) and in 1 week time we are going to celebrate our 1 year anniversary together. Yeah I know 1 year is short but still all these while with the arguments and the laughter we shared, its so worth while being together regardless how long or short the time is.
Thirdly my sister is getting married~~!!!! A wish come true for her lol. I mean every girls would love to get married aren't they? I am glad my sister found her man who is so gentleman and I liked him a lot (I don't have a crush on him a ) as my brother in law and hope their marriage last forever. Can't wait to have a nephew on my own and imagine the child call me uncle!! Walau, I don't look like uncle ok, I am still young :P. So to celebrate their marriage, yesterday we all went to Shangri-La Hotel and had a fabulous dinner there. The food was fantastic, the place was fantastic but not the environment as nearly the whole place is crowded by the Malays LOL (they buka puasa at the hotel). Luckily my bro who works there got a reservation for us and too bad our uncle who is the director there can't be there to celebrate with us too. Wanted to take lots of pictures in Shangri-La but did not bring camera along. Anyhow good luck and god bless the newlyweds ( when is my turn??) and wish them all the best sincerely from her lovingly brother~~
So will update soon again if I had the time to do so :D Byes ~~~


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  2. finally, after so long.... sorry for late comment... hahahaha

    Congrats to both of u and ur sister. hehe if u knw wat i meant.

    Good to see lots of good thing happening in ur life. Glad to hear that and hope God will prolong ur happiness.

    Best of wishes!!