Sunday, November 7, 2010


First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for a while as been busy besides than have no idea on what to write ~~. I mean after my finals and being on a holiday totally make me feel like a super pig and I just feel so lazy to write something haha. But I did read all of the other bloggers as well ya. As my holiday is only 3 weeks and part time jobs would not be sufficient, I just decided to go over my dear house and enjoy hoho. I been watching all the series that need catching up to his up to date episode, for example ; Fringe ( my most best series after Charmed) , Cougar Town (it's so bitchy ~~),Glee (my dear complain that the season 2 is getting lamer) and a few more. I totally can spend my whole time just like that in front of the computer and rot. Then we tried to catch up all those movies at the cinema but it seems none of it caught our attention so we just rounding around looking for food (basically he is feeding me, feel so bless) On Thursday we went back to Penang and of course I am following him (he don't like to drive alone) and just went on a minor holiday trip. Just walked around and find food again. Nothing much to do as I feel Penang is much boring than KL (no offense to Penang people out there) and I did my first sex with him. Yes my FIRST LOL. I know it sounds like so ugly but for me, it's still anal virginity that I will only keep for the one I love and now I found it, I can officially declared myself as NON Virgin ~~ I know my age is a bit old for first timer but I old fashion mah ( no la , just that love shouldn't be define by sex mah right? ) and I know my dear would love me to do again as I hit his prostate that much (he say one, not me). Btw not much will I write here as I need to finish up my thesis which is a total troublesome thing to do but no choice have to finish it up too. So I will end it here and wish the best of luck to everyone out there ~~


  1. its never too late to lose your virginity la.. its not like youre competing to lose your virginity to win some prize or some shit.. haha.. but good for you.. congratulations to you for losing it :) good luck for your thesis yea!!

  2. lol tuls thanks for your support :P. Some people think that it just nonsense but not for me mah haha. Anyhow thanks ~~

  3. i don't see any minimum age limit suitable to lose virginity. LOL XD