Saturday, October 23, 2010

Again and Again

The same thing happen again. Well sorry for not writing for quite a time as I just finished my finals and having my holiday. And so all of this happen when my family and I having dinner and they strike up multiple question.

Mum : So your exam all over and how long is your holiday?

Me : Around 3 weekslo. This time the holiday very short only due to some stupid stuff at the uni.

Mum : Then you going to find work or anything?

Me : No, too short, lazy want to find, besides I need to finish up my thesis la

Dad : Finish up your thesis or find ******* ( He is referring to my dear)

Me : Ahhhh not going to find himla. He got class and besides no reason for me to find him mah.

Dad : Ya kah? I know he is your boyfriend kan? Kan?

Me : * In silent mode *

Mum : Haiyo don't talk bout it anymore. What you want to do just do. Just don't do anything ( she saying bout having sex and so on )

Dad : *Keeping silent as he is thinking something*

Sister : Aiyo don't bother him la, he still loves both of you whether he is gay or not, so just leave him, he is big enough to know which is right and wrong

Mum : Tomorrow come my place a while. I want to introduce someone to you.

Me : Who?? Another girl again? What for , I don't need any laaaaaa. I not interested in them also

Mum : They interested enough. I want to see you have generation.

Me : Not interested. End of question. If you force me I don't mind leaving the house after I grad.

Mum : * Not saying anything about it and change topic *

Even though they say like that, but from their tone I know they mean no harm and just want me to be back normal. I told them this is not a disease and just let me be but they still finding girls for me. Don't know for what. I know it sound absurd to them but I will be leaving them after I grad and staying with my dear. Just waiting for a nice timing to say so. Think will be end of this week as don't wish to delay anymore since they know my dear too. Wish me luck in persuading them ~~


  1. omg, y so confusing one =="

    *sigh* just don't understand why some parents can't understand the truth, and then keep on shooting their child indirectly... (not talking about ur parents, im talking about mine ==")

  2. good luck danny =) all the best

  3. hey there! you stole my fish pond idea! Haha! Remember me? :)

  4. jason : haha nvmla, take time ~~

    alwin: tq ~~

    Jun : who dare to forget u lol ~~

  5. wow not easy to face a family who knows about your sexuality ya. don know what will happen if my family know . sob