Saturday, October 9, 2010


This would be the first official honeymoon where only both of us are having the best of it (if it can be consider as honeymoon). My finals is next week and I still have mood to holiday o, so genius man ~~Btw we have been planning from the start to do one but due to our classes and time it's been so hard to go on with one until now. Besides the date 10/10/10 will only come once in our lifetime and this totally boost our spirit to celebrate and enjoy more for the day. Since we run out of time, we just went back to his hometown, Penang and will be there till this Sunday. First of all we went out in the morning to service his car for a while and then went to have a nice lunch nearby AutoCity. Then we went around looking for rings basically for me, as the old ring is loosen up much and he want to buy me a new one. We bought rings but still not satisfied as the one we like doesn't have size and have to order to get a new one's coming in. After rounding the area around as it's only my third time coming to Penang, we went home and make some love LOL and get ready for tonight's dinner at The Ship at Batu Feringghi. It's my first time going there and it's really fun being there. Took only a few photo but should have taken more. Then we had our romantic dinner at The Ship while having to keep our table manners haha. It's not like at mamak stall where the food arrives and you grab it without bothering the table manners as long as your stomach feels full and happy. We have to keep low in voice, clanking of knifes and forks, not being so excited about the new environment ( see we so sampat ) it's so hard but yet so fun haha. Both of us ordered 1 chicken chop, 1 fish fillet, 1 seafood platter, 1 sharkfin soup and 2 drinks only. Here are the pics we ate, look nice right?

This is the Ice Lychee and carrot Juice with Salad ~~

This is the Shark Fin soup, It's little but it is tasty o ~~

This is mine Neptune Don't Know What Name Chicken Chop ~~

This is his Fish Fillet Chop ~~

This is the Seafood Platter, consists of fried fish fillet if i not mistaken, tiger prawns, fried squid, fried scallop and the fries. ~~

Overall the food here is rating 3/5 for us. We very picky in food neh ~~ If not nice sure ban the place haha. Well actually have more pic to put in but too lazy and tired. So going to sleep as tomorrow have to drive back to KL, he drive of course and we need a good long rest. So hope you all have a wonderful day today as well ~~~


  1. Wow, has a nice honeymoon ^^
    Today is wonderful day ^^

  2. i love everything fried. would love to try the platter.

    happy honeymoon. -)