Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stupid Uni

I already fed up talking about this matter to everyone. The uni management is so horrible till I want to puke and even slap those bitches. This stupid uni make me and my coursemates fail to get our loan and then yet expect us to fish out our own cash to pay the fees. Those bitches even told me that if I failed to pay before the due date I cant sit for exam. What the HELL??!! I wonder where all those moneys those students paid and what did the uni do with it. They cant even explain properly to us about the system that they are working and the still blaming us. Just want to give a big slap on their faces. So now I have no option but have to ask my beloved dad for the money LOL to pay this semester fees. Hope he wont be furious ^_^.And this is my 1 sincere word to the MOST GREATEST UNI at Shah Alam * YOU GUYS CAN KISS MY ARSE DUMB PIGS*

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