Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 July

This is the date that i be with him. Of course i am referring to my beloved darling whom i know from Facebook. I added him from that social network quite a time but didnt have the oppurtinity to chat with him until a few days before the date stated. He was down that time as he broke up with his bf and as a friend i just console him and that is when our love spark. He is from Sarawak and i am from KL and when i put my relationship status with him, its like an uproar between my family and friends. They said i havent meet the guy and what we are is only a mere affection. Well i understand that but i hope we can last forever as both of us are deeply in love for now. So far he had been treating me good in my point of view and there isnt any problem yet. Haha maybe i am naive but of course everyone want to have a long lasting relation rite? I am trying my best to make him feel happy and of course i am flying over there to meet him up. Hehe i am going to give him suprises when i get there ^_^. By then adios. Good luck to me ~~

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