Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bad Luck?

Well as a start i would just like to say I had a damn horrible year. I always thought the number 7 would be a lucky number for me as I had always run into fortune whenever this number cross by. But this year on the JULY month, its been a worst month for me. I nearly cant took my exam because of the stupid management provided by my Uni, I broke up ( Yeah, i broke up, so great isnt it?), my beloved car broke down and I need to fish out another RM1k for the repair cost and many more that I lazy to post it over here. I really have no idea what is going on with me and if this is going to continue till end of the year, I prefer to die(LOL just jk). I wish lady luck wiill be with me starting from this month and I hope there wouldnt be any misfortune again.

P.S : Meet a guy on the last day of my misfortune month and he is really nice. Can i request for more?

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